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We can't wait to have you join the health  coalition

We continue to join other public health advocates, health coalitions, unions, and members each year to support universal healthcare. With healthcare privatization on the rise in Saskatchewan and across Canada, more people are experiencing challenges accessing affordable healthcare due to the  private-for-profit services agreements  implemented in our healthcare system.  Since the 1990 's Saskatchewan government has aggressively supported a private-for-profit model agreement. The need for universal, publicly funded and administered healthcare has never been more urgent. . More than half of Canadians report feeling “threatened” by health care costs. 

Privatization Means

  • Increased surgical wait times

  • Increased cost and reduction in quality services

  • No accountability

  • Profit-making becomes the sole priority for private companies.

  • Join the Coalition Today to fight for publicly funded and administered healthcare.


As of April 1, 2020, any patient charges for medically necessary diagnostic imaging services, such as MRI or CT scans, regardless of where these services are provided, are contrary to the Canada Health Act. If you believe you have been charged inappropriately, you may report these charges to your provincial or territorial health ministry, using the phone numbers provided inside the back cover of this report. You may also contact the Canada Health Act Division of Health Canada at the following coordinates:

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