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Who We Are

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Focused On Your Healthcare



The Saskatchewan Health Coalition is your dedicated partner in advocating for a publicly funded and administered healthcare system that serves our community.


With a rich history as the birthplace of Medicare, we are a non-partisan, democratic, non-profit coalition, bringing together diverse individuals and organizations to ensure quality care for all.

The journey to universal healthcare in Canada started in 1947 with Saskatchewan introducing public hospital insurance, followed by universal medical care in 1962. Advocacy from various groups, including unions, healthcare workers, farmers, religious organizations, and women's groups, played a pivotal role in expanding social safety nets, including healthcare. Progress continued through initiatives like compulsory "medical check-off," workers' compensation, and the establishment of universal Medicare in Saskatchewan, which led to the Canada Health Act in 1984. This journey also drove substantial investments in healthcare, resulting in significant job growth, facilitated by unionization among healthcare workers, bridging the gap between service providers and the public.



Universal healthcare in Canada has not only improved access to healthcare but also led to significant job creation and economic growth. It has united healthcare workers and the broader public in their shared goal of high-quality care without financial barriers and long wait times, with unions advocating for fair compensation and better working conditions.


However, the fight to protect Canada's healthcare system becomes more urgent due to increasing privatization, especially impacting private sector workers. Re-energizing partnerships between healthcare workers and the public at provincial and national levels is crucial to ensure continued access to healthcare for all.



Re-energizing partnerships between healthcare workers and the broader public is essential at both provincial and national levels to ensure a sustainable and inclusive healthcare system.

Securing future universal healthcare necessitates supporting unionizing efforts in the community health sector, particularly in areas transitioning to private for-profit companies. Unionization empowers workers to engage in healthcare discussions and aligns them with public healthcare advocates. Private sector union members require a stronger voice in health policy through provincial and national health coalitions. Protecting Canada's medicare system is urgent, especially for private sector workers excluded from adequate healthcare benefits. Healthcare workers and the public need access to healthcare and social care. Re-energizing partnerships between healthcare workers and the broader public at provincial and national levels is vital for a sustainable and inclusive healthcare system.

Meet Our Board

Denise Dick, Treasurer (SUN)

Bashir Jalloh (CUPE 5430)

Tracey Sauer (SGEU)

Jae Blakley (SEIU-West)

Crystal Bittman (HSAS)

Board Members at Large (Organization, Community group, or Individual members): Lori Johb, Barbara Byers, Maureen Kraemer

Meet Our Executive Committee

Karen Wasylenko, President

Maureen Kraemer, Vice-President 

Denise Dick, Treasurer (SUN)

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