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Defending the Heart of Our 
Health System

Standing up for Public Health Care

Saskatchewan is the birthplace of Medicare. 

We need to get back to our roots and start building back public health care -

so Saskatchewan people get quality care where and when they need it. 

Public Health Care 

The global pandemic exposed weaknesses in Canadian health care systems. 
The same politicians who ignored those long-standing issues are now claiming only private options will fix them.

Don't buy it - Saskatchewan Health Care is not for sale. 


Canada is the only country in the world with a universal public health care system that doesn’t cover prescription medication.

We need a national pharmacare program to ensure everyone in Canada can access the medications they need. This program must be public, universal, comprehensive, accessible and portable.

Pharmacare would save money and save lives.

Senior's Care

The people who built this province deserve to age with dignity and respect. Instead, short-staffing and bed shortages mean too many Saskatchewan seniors are going without.


We need a national seniors care strategy that sets consistent standards of care and staffing levels across the country.

If you’d like more information about our priorities, get in touch today.

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