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About Us

The Saskatchewan Health Coalition's philosophy is to defend a publicly funded and administered health care system for all. We are a non-partisan, democratic, community-based, non-profit coalition consisting of individuals and organizations membership across Saskatchewan. Being the birthplace of Medicare, Saskatchewan holds a significant part of our health care history in Canada. The Saskatchewan Health Coalition supports the five basic principles of the Canada Health Act.

Our Goal: Healthy people in a healthy environment

The Saskatchewan Health Coalition was established in 1981. We have a broad-based membership represent­ing diverse organizations and individuals.

  • We have lobbied governments and organized public meet­ings throughout the province. And otherwise promot­ed a better health care system.

  • We support maintaining national standards as set out in our Canada Health Act.

  • We are affiliated with the Canadian Health Coalition.


Our Goal: Healthy public policy

The Saskatchewan Health Coalition supports a publicly funded health care system built on:

  • An integrated team approach to care

  • Appropriate. Cost-effective. evidence-based programs and services

  • Recognition that social and economic factors have a profound impact on well-being

  • Health education and prevention programs

  • Citizen and patient involvement

  • Community-based planning and delivery

  • Continuous evaluation and improvement

  • Effective and humane provisions for adjust­ment of the labour force

  • Continuing education for health workers

  • Sufficient public funding


Our Vision: Publicly funded health care

We support a publicly funded health care sys­tem that is based on the five principles of the Canada Health Act.

  • Portable

  • Comprehensive

  • Accessible

  • Universal

  • Publicly Administered

Click Here to view the Saskatchewan Health Coalition Bylaws.

We have seven affiliates (Canada Health Coalition, Friends of Medicare (AB), Manitoba Health Coalition, BC Health Coalition, Ontario Health Coalition, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Coalition, Nova Scotia Health Coalition).

Meet Our Board



Karen Wasylenko Chair (HSAS)

Denise Dick, Treasurer (SUN)

Bashir Jalloh (CUPE 5430)

Tracey Sauer (SGEU)

 Board Members at Large (Community Representation, Union, or Individual Membership categories): Lori Johb,

Cheryl Stadnichuk, Sheila Boruch, Barbara Byers, Maureen Kraemer

Meet Our Executive Committee

Karen Wasylenko Chair (HSAS)

Maureen Kraemer, Vice-Chair 

Denise Dick, Treasurer (SUN)

Sheila Boruch, Secretary

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