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The Saskatchewan Health Coalition is excited to be hosting the ALL IN FOR PUBLIC HEALTH CARE RALLY in Saskatoon on May 4.

Why are we organizing this event?

We are tired of seeing our public healthcare system struggling, and not having the support required to meet the diverse needs of ALL Saskatchewan residents. We are demanding the following be addressed:


  • long wait times

  • having to travel long distances for services

  • creeping privatization that puts profit before people

  • having some of the worst records in the country for many health issues including STBBIs, HIV, and sexual assault

  • lack of harm reduction support for the opioid poisoning crisis

  • government decisions being made that are ideologically driven and not based on evidence-based research and best practices

  • trying to find a family doctor, staffing shortages, and burnout

  • pharmacare

  • more equitable and culturally appropriate supports

  • and much more!

*Please ensure you RSVP through the form below, especially if you are looking for a ride to the rally from out of town!*



Date: Saturday, May 4, 2024

Time: 1pm-2:30pm


Rally route

Starting on the east side of the University Bridge in front of the Memorial Gates at the University of Saskatchewan, we will be walking and rolling across the bridge on the north sidewalk then heading north on Spadina to the first pedestrian crossing to the east side of Kinsmen Park, just north of the Nutrien Playland. This distance is approximately a 15 minute walk according to google maps, but may take a bit longer depending on how many people are attending. The sidewalks are fairly level and flat except for the downward slope of the bridge toward the park, and are fairly wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Click here to see more detailed maps of the rally route and staging areas on each end of the march.

















Kinsmen Park information - 619 25 St E

We will be gathering for speeches and food just north of the Nutrien Playland in Kinsmen Park. We will have a small amount of chairs available for participants giving priority to those with more limited mobility. In case the ground is wet, we also encourage you to bring a small chair or tarp to sit on.

Volunteer recruitment

We are seeking some volunteers to help out in a variety of roles for the rally. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the following roles, please RSVP in the form below or you can email us with your interest directly at


- BBQ crew (between approx. 11:30am-3pm) - cooking, monitoring station, distributing food

- event marshals (between approx. 12:30-2:30pm) - helping to direct attendees during march and be a visible point person for anyone needing information at Kinsmen Park

- set up crew - few small tasks most likely between 11am-12pm

- tear down crew - few small tasks, most likely between 2-3:30pm)

- sticker and clipboard crew - handing out materials before march or during speeches at park

Parking information

Parking on or near campus to join the march: Parking in the residential streets near the university is free on Saturdays, and details about parking at the UofS campus can be found here. Please note that we are asking participants to refrain from taking up parking spaces at or near to the Royal University Hospital (RUH), so that it can be prioritized for patients and their families.


Parking near Kinsmen park: There is a small parking lot in the park, and there may also be room in the parking lots for the Nutrien Wonderhub and Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival site across Spadina from the park. Otherwise, street parking will also be available in the area.


We are encouraging attendees to use public transit if they are looking to get dropped off closer to the rally site.

Transportation by charter bus or car

For folks looking to attend from out of town, we have booked a passenger bus each from Regina and Yorkton and will otherwise also try to provide assistance connecting people to carpool options. Please note that the bus we had booked from Prince Albert is no longer available, apologies for any inconvenience. To request a seat on these busses, you must RSVP below so we can ensure an accurate list of riders. Please note that an RSVP alone does not guarantee you a seat - we will contact you to confirm this, and provide more bus details closer to the event date.

















Saskatoon public transit information

Closest bus stops to start of marching route

Westbound "College/Munroe" stop (stop ID 4163) - #4, #13, #16-17 - stop is accessible

Eastbound "College/Munroe" stop (stop ID 4162) - #13, #16-17, #43-46 - stop is accessible

Closest bus stops to Kinsmen Park rally location

Westbound "25th Street/Spadina" (stop ID 3187) - #4, #16 - stop is accessible

Eastbound "25th Street/5th Ave (stop ID 3173) - #16, #43-46 - stop is accessible


List of public washrooms available at or near Kinsmen Park

There are public washrooms available at Kinsmen Park, as well as at the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan festival site across the street from the park.

Other details

We are encouraging attendees to mask at this event, as there will be close contact with other people. For those who do not have their own PPE, we will have masks and hand sanitizer available at the start of the march and at Kinsmen Park, and are working to have some available on the busses before departure.

Is this rally family friendly? - YES! Access to public health care impacts everyone, so everyone is encouraged to join for the march or meet us at the end of the route.


What if I can't take part in the march? - For those not able to walk or roll in the march portion of the event, we encourage you to gather with us at Kinsmen Park for rally speeches, starting around or shortly after 1:30pm.

I can't make it to the rally, how else can I participate?

- we encourage you to share the issues you are seeing in health care and post online using #skhealthco - we will be compiling these posts alongside what we hear from rally attendees to show the full scope of problems going on.

- we also encourage you to share the rally information with friends and keep talking about why public health care is important!

Rally route - basic.png

Regina Bus


Bus start loading 9:30am

Leave Regina 9:45 at latest


Leave Saskatoon at 3pm

30 min food/bathroom stop Davidson gas station

Arrive Regina approx. 6pm

Prince Albert bus

no longer available, apologies for any inconvenience

Yorkton bus


Bus start loading 8:15am

Leave Yorkton 8:30am at latest

30 min food/bathroom break Dafoe gas station

Leave Saskatoon at 3pm

30 min food/bathroom stop Dafoe gas station

Arrive Yorkton approx. 7pm


RSVP form

Thank you to the following organizations who have assisted with the planning of this event:

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